Websphere-MQ courses in Hyderabad

Websphere Message Queue Training In Hyderabad

Course Duration - 45 Days

Kelly Technologies providing you the best in class training on Websphere Message Queue by certified faculty having more than 6+ years real time experience.

About The Course

Many institutes offer the course in Websphere Message Queue training in Hyderabad. System admin is the one who maintains and manages the server time to time and schedule performance check for the efficiency and safety of the server and its linked domains. By setting up queue manager network he can run the required things for performance and maintenance. Basic knowledge upon networking skills can bring you this course interesting and also hope along with it. This course introduces all the needed concepts in a nutshell with some real time experience with the help of practical.

Course Objectives

Websphere Message Queue training in Hyderabad is the course that goes with the aim to understand key concepts.

The course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  • To understand overall ideology of Websphere MQ
  • Get detailed view about the components of Websphere MQ
  • Know the key components of Websphere MQ administration upon Z/OS
  • Installation and configuration of Websphere MQ
  • Working with embedded messaging scenarios
  • To explore messaging options in Websphere MQ
  • To understand the network deployment scenario
  • Also to find out the Websphere MQ and SSL product scenarios

Who should go for this course?

In the field of system administration, learning websphere is a major breakthrough for many aspiring system admins and other administration level employees. It gives better chances for theme to explore chances. Kelly technologies is the one Websphere Message Queue training institute in Hyderabad offering the coursefor the following set of people:

  • Managers
  • System administrators
  • Programmers
  • Architects
  • Operators
  • Help desk staff
  • Job Seekers
  • End users
  • Developers

Why learn Websphere MQ?

Any Websphere Message Queue training institute in Hyderabad offers the course as per the current opportunities. Websphere MQ is the server that manages the flow of messages from one point to another point. With this internal and external data exchange or message transfer will be done in a quiet smart manner without any lag or delays. Using this software has become most wanted thing in the IT industry due to its cost effective usage and reduction in maintenance of the server. Learning websphere MQ series will surely be a fetching point for the system administrators and the technical support staff.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

There are many Websphere Message Queue training institutes in Hyderabad that offer this course, but only few offer this online. Websphere MQ being the more important course for the system administrators. The course is said to be of more technical and needs any basic programming language knowledge for better understanding of the concepts of data management and exchange. A better level understanding of object oriented programming concept, needed to run the program and execute work smoothly. With all the required pre-requisites. Kelly Technologies is one among very few, Websphere Message Queue training institutes in Hyderabad that offer the best course online.

How will i execute the practicals?

To be able to execute one needs to get the latest server software installed in their systems which comes with most of the current using software to accommodate the software accordingly. Internet is needed for better support and help from the side of the software. Anyhow basic remote desktop support will be provided by our side to clear any doubts in the mind before going to actual real time execution of the websphere MQ.

  • Introduction to message queues
  • MQI
  • Triggering
  • Distributed Queuing
  • Administration commands
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Clustering
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