Salesforce-CRM courses in Hyderabad

Salesforce CRM Training In Hyderabad

Course Duration - 50 Days

Kelly Technologies providing you the best in class training on Salesforce CRM by certified faculty having more than 6+ years real time experience.

About The Course

Candidates can learn the course at any Salesforce CRM training institute in Hyderabad. Salesforce CRM course provides expert insight into the basic and advanced techniques in salesforce and customer relationship management. The salesforce CRM comes with Admin 201 and Dev 401 in a single course, enabling the candidates to develop business application in Salesforce CRM. For business professionals, Salesforce CRM will increase the sales productivity by great margin, higher than the regular. Kelly technology is the one Salesforce CRM training institute in Hyderabad which is the right place for learning the course, due to the expertise.

Course Objectives

The course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  • To understand the Evolution of Cloud Computing
  • To create and organize work flow automation
  • Customized reports using the Salesforce CRM
  • To master in the UI and navigate through the software
  • To expertly use the advanced filters and dashboards
  • To get the concepts of Visual force programming
  • To get the benefits of CRM
  • Understanding the characteristics of cloud computing
  • To understand the sales force administration and application development
  • Get introduced with IAAS,PAAS,SAAS

Who should go for this course?

Kelly technologies is one among very few Salesforce CRM training institutes in Hyderabad. In the IT field, Salesforce professionals are most demanded professionals due to the wide scope. Salesforce technology is the leading industry cloud based Customer Relationship Management technology. Kelly technologies is one among the few Salesforce CRM training institutes in Hyderabad. The course is intended for the following individuals to learn the course online:

  • IT Professionals
  • Administrators
  • Developers
  • Implementers
  • Project managers
  • Graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • End users

Why learn Salesforce CRM?

With Salesforce CRM, you can fulfill business needs, maintain, and manage effective customer relations. With this advanced customer relationship management software any business professional who wants to automatically organize the system for daily business actions. The course helps improve the effectiveness of the sales

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

There has been increased demand for Salesforce CRM in Hyderabad with the increased business destinations in the city. This isn’t any course needing deep programming skills or any technology expertise. Any non-IT professional having basic knowledge about computer and managing applications. Anyone can pursue this simple course of Salesforce CRM in Hyderabad, so that anyone can excel between beginners to advanced expert level. All just needs to have is good presentation skills and intuitive communication skills. Also excellent project management skills.

How will i execute the practicals?

To execute practicals in the Salesforce-CRM software, there needs basic version of windows 7 or more. Salesforce spans across different operating systems and different devices to match client requirements. Tools like Sales force classic can run on smart phone devices for ease of use. Other types of sales force tools such as data loader, connect online or offline based upon the need of the software. Anyhow, 24x7 remote assistance can be provided at the time to execute practicals when needed.

  • Programming Basics
  • Visual Force
  • APEX Language
  • Triggers and Testing
  • Cloud Basics
  • Salesforce Customization
  • Integration, Configuration
  • Multi Boxes, Table Boxes and Input Boxes
  • Buttons, Text Objects And Line/Arrow Objects
  • Sliders, Current Selection Objects and Bookmark Objects
  • Document Properties, User Preferences & Reload
  • Loading Data into QlikView
  • Associating Data from Many Tables
  • Concatenating Tables
  • Layout Themes
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