SQL Server-DBA courses in Hyderabad

SQLServer DBA Training In Hyderabad

Course Duration - 30 Days

Kelly Technologies providing you the best in class training on SQLServer DBA by certified faculty having more than 6+ years real time experience.

About The Course

Any one SQL Server DBA training institute in Hyderabad offers courses, but online courses are offered by very few. SQL server being the most demanded courses current in the IT market. The needs for the SQL server by the companies is also the main reason for the increased demand. For the starters SQL DBA Server will be the perfect way to start with the basics. Basic troubleshooting, Database Administration, server upgrades and all other types of SQL based key functionalities. Kelly technologies is the one SQL Server DBA training institute in Hyderabad that offers course with great expertise. The course also goes with one real time project to make the user get experienced with the real interface and easiness.

Course Objectives

For this course, many SQL Server DBA training institutes in Hyderabad offer the training. In order to move forward, it is important to understand key concepts.

The course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  • To understand the key SQL server database design and tables
  • To learn the real time procedures
  • To get used with the SQL clustering for performing patches, upgrades and migrations
  • Develop abilities to write strong queries
  • To understand the SQL server 2008
  • To know the SQL commands and its uses
  • Data management and repair technology
  • Improve data backup strategy
  • To maintain SQL server security using logins and permissions

Who should go for this course?

Kelly technologies is one among the few SQL Server DBA training institutes in Hyderabad offering online course in SQL Server DBA. In the field of business development, Business analysis is a vital part for implementation of the key tasks in the stipulated time. It includes following business related professionals who cannot miss to attend the course:

  • Data base developers
  • Data base Administrators
  • Business intelligence Developers
  • Implementers
  • Project managers
  • Graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • IT professional

Why learn SQL DBA?

For SQL Server DBA training in Hyderabad as a system admin, one need to manage the servers along with data administration. Managing the SQL server makes the job done in a less complex manner with the help of the SQL DBA course. All the aspiring administrators can learn this course for the betterment of both company administration and also the scope as a system admin. Production SQL server Administrator. Because the future of Information technology is to manage database in gigabytes level due to the data explosion and the increase of risks with the database management.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

There is a huge demand for admin roles based on SQL Server DBA training in Hyderabad. Typically to be a DBA, one need to be well versed with the knowledge of databases. It will be the best additional advantage to have T-SQL and .NET knowledge for becoming ideal DBA with the SQL server. Deeper knowledge in operating systems and storage systems will be of greater advantage for executing the data management related processes. Other than the technicalities, it is most preferable to have good communication skills, in order to identify problem and communicate within the system.

How will i execute the practicals?

To execute the practicals of the SQL for DBA, the system needed to contain minimum requirements of having the rational SQL database software before getting started with. The basic system requirements contain of windows 7 or greater versions. To have the database run without any problem, there is every need to maintain a UPS system for your PC. Other than this, our course offers you remote desktop support for all you practicals for understanding the key concepts and tasks.

  • Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server
  • Installation and conflguring SQL Server
  • Working with Databases
  • Backup and Restoration
  • Practical Scenario
  • High Availability
  • Replication
  • Automating Administrative Tasks
  • Advanced Administration Concepts
  • SQL Server Architecture
  • Index Management
  • SQL Server 2000/2005 to 2008
  • Clustering
  • SQL Server 2008 New Featured
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