Qlik-View courses in Hyderabad

Qlik View Training In Hyderabad

Course Duration - 30 Days

Kelly Technologies providing you the best in class training on Qlik View by certified faculty having more than 6+ years real time experience.

About The Course

Candidates can join any Qlikview training institute in Hyderabad, but Kelly technologies has the better expertise and support. Coming to the learning part, nothing can beat visualizing the concepts of knowledge for easy understanding of the viewers. It is the oldest ever human instinct to learn things by visualizing the real concept. With Qlik-view software, one can self-explorehow to create, design and visualize the program in a self-explanatory manner. This isn’t any complex programming software, but a simple easy to use software. It provides the most needed business intelligence by converting the raw data into understandable and accessible knowledge for many. Kelly technology is the one Qlikview training institute in Hyderabad that offers online course in Qlikview.

Course Objectives

The course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  • To use Qlik Sense for Performing advanced analysis of data
  • Understand Data Interpretation to make suitable visualizations
  • To know building structured and organized data building
  • To develop more user-friendly and user-oriented applications
  • To understand the fundamental purpose of Qlik View sheet objects
  • To work on Real time Project
  • To master the short cuts to get the work done in lesser time frame
  • To learn publishing the finished document
  • To learn building own application based upon the data sources
  • To attain script and chart level functioning knowledge
  • To learn reporting through the smart Qlik view technology

Who should go for this course?

Being one of the advanced courses to achieve high accuracy to do smart work, Qlikview Course helps many management level individuals to attain required skills. Qlikview training in Hyderabad is the most grossing courseand is intended for the following set of people:

  • Software Developers
  • Designers
  • Qlik View End-users
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Job seekers
  • Graduates

Why learn Qlik View?

Kelly technologies is offering Qlikview training in Hyderabad. For any one the answer would be to run your business in a smart way by integrating data time to time for easy analysis. Qlik view visualizes your data in customized manner. Can handle huge data clusters and can compress the data to lower than 10% for ease of running with the processors. The automated data association happens with the internal inference engine to have smooth running.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Kelly technologies is one among the few Qlikview training institutes in Hyderabad. To be able to learn and excel in Qlik view course, fundamental SQL knowledge is very much needed. This makes anyone to know the user interface and back end programming for immediate troubleshooting or problem solving skills. Business analysts, who are aimed to enhance the business techniques furthermore and capable enough with the required skills can come forward to start a promising career ahead involving the QIik view course at Qlikview training institutes in Hyderabad

How will i execute the practicals?

Qlik view takes a normal configuration of any system, and I general it needs OS of windows 7 or more, Windows server 2003, 2008 with 32 bit as minimum requirement. By learning course day by day, it is easier to understand the concept and execute the system function files in your system. You can run practical in your own system. Anyhow, the remote desktop operation can be executed to make you understand or aid the operations with more ease.

  • Introduction
  • Making Queries in QlikView
  • Handling Sheets & Sheet Objects
  • List Boxes & Statistics Boxes
  • Bar Charts & Pie Charts
  • Pivot Tables & Straight Tables
  • More Chart Types
  • Multi Boxes, Table Boxes and Input Boxes
  • Buttons, Text Objects And Line/Arrow Objects
  • Sliders, Current Selection Objects and Bookmark Objects
  • Document Properties, User Preferences & Reload
  • Loading Data into QlikView
  • Associating Data from Many Tables
  • Concatenating Tables
  • Layout Themes
  • Loading Additional Files
  • Linking External Information to a Document
  • Advanced Features
  • More about Associations
  • Load Inline
  • Field Groups & Cyclic Display
  • Loading Cross Tables
  • And-Mode in List Box
  • Number Formats
  • Security
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